TD 56 MP 1078

I woke with the light, but it was still only 5 am.  Broke camp slowly and deliberately.  This would be my last time rolling my tent and packing up my pack for a while.  I wanted to savor the routine, almost ritual aspect of it.

With few miles left to hike I could enjoy every moment, every wild flower, every snow bank and every mountain.

Some SOBO hikers appeared. One young man with a large pack, clean clothes, and shining face proudly told me he was headed for Whitney. He told me he was on a cloud.  I told him amazing beauty awaited him and we passed.  Further on down the day hikers appeared in groves, holding open wild flower books and enormous cameras; wearing clean, white shorts and shoes.  Nearing civilization, I signaled David with my tracker, hoping he would understand my cryptic message.

The Information Center at Carson Pass is a charming log structure with umbrella tables and benches outside.  The volunteers inside are delightful,  They allowed me to use their phone and were offering me all the snacks and drinks they have for thru-hikers when David walked in!  Enfolding me in his arms, the volunteers continued to offer me treats and sodas.

“Oh, thank you, I have everything I need right here.”  I said, holding David.

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