Days 62 and 63 – Medford and Gold Hill, OR

Wingman from the Roadside:

If you’ve been reading this story for information on the Pacific Crest Trail, we moved off the PCT on July 25th at South Lake Tahoe for now. I decided to continue writing for the benefit of our families, our old friends, and our new friends, as I feel this chapter won’t be over until we get home. While we may be nearing the end of the chapter, our adventure is not yet over. It’s just taken a bit of a pause for now until Peggy can properly heal from the surgeries (read “Broken Femur”) of last year.

Onward. We moved north out of Shasta City and, while the past two months have been full of adventure, spectacular beauty, and new friends, it is nice to finally be out of California. We travelled a few hours up I-5, through Medford, OR to the town of Gold Hill and a cute little KOA with a site amongst shade trees. The place was cute, clean, had a small pool, and was surrounded by pasture lands and a large population of wineries. We enjoyed a visit to the small historic town of Jacksonville where Peggy enjoyed visiting a quilting shop, we had coffee at an outdoor cafe, and we took a short hike on trails near the Britt Amphitheatre. Jackson Browne will be performing at this great little venue on August 7th but we decided not to stay quite that long. On this day the symphony was practicing at the amphitheatre for an evening performance and it was really cool to hear the music as we hiked through the woods. On the walk back to the truck we were able to avoid the wild turkeys pecking at the lawn and then drove the long way home on the lovely country backroads. In the evening we barbecued veggie burgers and potatoes on the grill and later enjoyed a bob in the pool to cool off before bed.

While here we had a slow casual hike up Table Rock Mountain, a trail Peggy has hiked a couple of times before when traveling through on business and a hike along the Rogue River to Ti’lomikh Falls. Both of these were beautiful hikes without stream crossings, snow, or rattlesnakes. I got the idea these short hikes were a test, or a reconfirmation, that the pain in her hip was still there; an unwelcome reminder she had made the right decision in postponing the remainder of the PCT for another day. From my observations on all of these hikes, there is no doubt.

Quilt shop in historic Jacksonville, OR

The Britt Amphitheatre

Wild Turkey!

Ti’lomikh Falls on the Rogue River, Gold Hill, OR.

Rogue River at Gold Hill, OR.

2 thoughts on “Days 62 and 63 – Medford and Gold Hill, OR

  1. Thank you for continuing to share your inspirational story. As you said beautifully, the story isn’t over; you are turning a page on this chapter. Peggy and David – I am so proud of you and inspired by you. It has been an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to follow you on your path home. Much love to you both and hope to see you soon!

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